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Start selling homes. Based in Oahu, our luxury real estate movies increase traffic for your listings. Start maximize a property’s potential and catch buyers’ eyes immediately. Oahu Films - Hawaii Creative Videography seamlessly integrate fluid interior shots with breathtaking aerial views, giving a bird’s eye view of neighborhood benefits. offers years of expertise to make your listing stand out.

We believe that every piece of real estate should be represented by an elegant, engaging, and cinematic film to help market the property. By incorporating an innovative, artistic style to our videography, and often using actors to simulate living in the property, our real estate films allow potential buyers to create an emotional connection with the home before they even see it. The film will propel prospective homeowners or commercial tenants to visit your property, at which point your real estate expertise will help sell the home, condo, or commercial property.

Real estate films are proven to dramatically increase the speed of selling a home, as the film can be easily distributed via social media and uploaded to the MLS. They are also a wonderful offering real estate agents can use to obtain new listings, as any seller would love to see their property displayed in such an opulent manner. Your listing will stand out.

Additionally, we produce stylish and effective realtor promotional videos in which realtors can showcase their personalities to potential clients. We work closely with the realtor to identify their competitive advantage in the marketplace, and then we craft the perfect creative video that they can use to market themselves on all social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). We can also craft a comprehensive and effective social media marketing strategy for the agent. These videos are an excellent tool to stand out in the crowded real estate industry.

At Oahu Films - Hawaii Creative Videography our goal is to work in conjunction with the top real estate companies around the world to create lavish films for the most beautiful properties. We also want to help real estate agents and brokers convey their personality and image in a creative manner so that they can truly show potential clients what they have to offer. A high-end, elegant realtor promo video is the best way to accomplish this.


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