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Being a videographer takes you to many different places you wouldn't go otherwise. As much as I enjoy swimming, hiking, and running, fighting sports never interested me. Some time ago, I was approached by Tomasz Gorilla Drwal, a former UFC fighter. He asked me to help him create a TV show following a group of young, aspiring fighters in their training for a big MMA gala. I was asked to develop and produce the whole thing. Quickly, I became heavily involved in a sport in which I had no interest before. Filming live events can be challenging; filming dynamic sports was definitely a big challenge—there was no room for different takes, and everything had to be filmed on the spot. Here's a trailer for the whole show:

After producing the show, I filmed, edited, and created motion pictures and other video material for various MMA events. It was definitely an interesting experience. (Once again, something had reaffirmed my career choice.) The show Drwal commissioned was filmed in Poland, and we ended up producing fifteen short episodes. Here are some screenshots from the series:

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