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At Oahu Films - Hawaii Creative Videography we strongly believe the everyone has a story and everyone deserves to be listened to. Filmmaking to us is telling those stories, preserving those precious moments with stunning videography. Through the years we've been fortunate to meet great people from all around the world, listen to some amazing stories. Here are just a few examples of our work.



Kaniela. The Danny Kaleikini Story Movie Trailer
For there is hope. Jan Stepek story | Oahu Films

For there is hope. Jan Stepek story | Oahu Films

We all need an inspiration in our lives, we all need leadership. Through his life, through constantly overcoming obstacles and his quality to sharing Jan Stepek's life is an inspiring example how to live your life. The movie tells the story of a how a seventeen year old teenage boy from a small Polish farming village, endured his traumatic journey through the war, narrowly escaping death several times, and twice was miraculously reunited with lost members of the family. Despite all he endured the young Jan Stepek kept on moving forward – initially denied joining the Polish Navy on his escape from Soviet Union labour camps because of his size and health condition he managed to convince the recruiting officers to let him become a part of a battleship crew. That’s where he learned radar, and from this skill how to repair radios - which later became his source of income. Demobbed in post-war Britain and unable to return to his country, Jan moved to Scotland met his wife-to-be. Living in a single room in Glasgow with a young family he worked hard to earn a living and his reputation as an honest, efficient businessman. His devotion to honest and hard work eventually led him to creating a chain of shops. J. Stepek Ltd went on to become one of Scotland’s best-known and most successful businesses Becoming a highly successful businessman didn’t change him as a man who had witnessed hunger, poverty and suffering. His deep-rooted sense of care for others led him to a parallel life of philanthropy. Homeless men ate with the family at home; one lived with the family for over a year. He came to the financial aid of many institutions saving the professional football club Hamilton Academical from non-existence, funding the continued teaching of Slavonic Studies at the University of Glasgow and an annual lectureship on Polish current affairs at the University of Strathclyde. In addition he guaranteed the financial stability of the Polish Sikorski Club in Glasgow as well as organising help for his homeland Poland in its darkest years of martial law in the 1980s. Through the words of members of his family and people who knew Jan Stepek the movie will preserve the achievement and celebrate the impact of an extraordinary life journey of a farm boy turned soldier, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
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