Video marketing is an essential tool for any kind of business. Oahu Films - Hawaii Creative Videography is here to help you create your next video project - music video, video commercial, product video, video business card - anything that may help you get people to listen to what you have to say.


To make the process easier we offer three packages to choose from. Of course, we are here to help you so please feel free to contact us and we'll customize our offer to meet all your video marketing needs. For pricing please contact us today.

1. Personal presentation


-  single location, 

-  up to 1-minute total runtime,

-  one person interview,

-  single-camera interview,

-  up to 2-hour onsite filming,

-  30 sec edit for social media

2. Small business


- single location,

- up to 3 min total runtime, 

- up to 3 people onscreen interview (including clients testimonial),

- single-camera interviews, 

- up to 6 hours onsite filming,

- short edit as requested ( 1 minute or 30 sec) for social media promotion,

3. Full brand


- up to 3 locations,

- pre-production locations visit,

- up to 15 min total runtime,

- up to 8 people onscreen interview,

- up to 5 clients testimonials, 

- 2 camera interviews,

- voice over recording,

- drone for aerial footage,

- 2 days filming ( up to 6h each day),

- short edits (1 minute, 30 sec) for social

media promotion included,