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Video marketing is an essential tool for any kind of business. Oahu Films - Hawaii Creative Videography is here to help you create your next video project - music video, video commercial, product video, video business card - anything that may help you get people to listen to what you have to say.


To make the process easier we offer three packages to choose from. Of course, we are here to help you so please feel free to contact us and we'll customize our offer to meet all your video marketing needs. For pricing please contact us today.

1. Personal presentation


-  single location, 

-  up to 1-minute total runtime,

-  one person interview,

-  single-camera interview,

-  up to 2-hour onsite filming,

-  30 sec edit for social media

2. Small business


- single location,

- up to 3 min total runtime, 

- up to 3 people onscreen interview (including clients testimonial),

- single-camera interviews, 

- up to 6 hours onsite filming,

- short edit as requested ( 1 minute or 30 sec) for social media promotion,

3. Full brand


- up to 3 locations,

- pre-production locations visit,

- up to 15 min total runtime,

- up to 8 people onscreen interview,

- up to 5 clients testimonials, 

- 2 camera interviews,

- voice over recording,

- drone for aerial footage,

- 2 days filming ( up to 6h each day),

- short edits (1 minute, 30 sec) for social

media promotion included,

Danny Kaleikini Ceremony at Kahala Hotel and Resort - 26 Jan 2022

Danny Kaleikini Ceremony at Kahala Hotel and Resort - 26 Jan 2022

On January 26th Kahala Hotel honored “Hawaiʻi’s Ambassador of Aloha.”, Danny Kaleikini by dedicating the front drive at the resort. Danny Kaleikini had an unprecedented 30-year residency at The Kahala, entertaining audiences around the world by infusing outstanding musical performances with culture, humor and the aloha spirit. As part of the dedication, we welcomed Danny back to the stage at Plumeria Beach House for a special performance. Hawaiʻi Lieutenant Governor Josh Green, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi and Hawaiʻi State Senator Donna Mercado Kim shared remarks at the celebration. To mark this historic occasion, The Kahala donated a portion of proceeds from the evening to the Danny Kaleikini Foundation, a nonprofit Kaleikini established in 1983 to help local organizations provide services to the people of Hawaiʻi. “It's been 25 years since Danny last delighted audiences from around the world here at The Kahala. As the next generation of leadership and first native-Hawaiian to lead this resort, I wanted him to remain a special part of our moʻolelo and ʻohana,” said Joe Ibarra, general manager of The Kahala Hotel & Resort. “Danny has and continues to do amazing work perpetuating Hawaiian language, music, and culture, and I have heard countless great stories from our guests and local community about how Danny has touched their lives. We are forever grateful to Danny for sharing his aloha with so many.” Danny Kaleikini started performing nightly in 1967 at the newly opened hotel’s Hala Terrace, now known as Plumeria Beach House. He performed for some of the biggest names in the world during his residency, from U.S. presidents to royal dignitaries. video produced by
Hawaii Video Production - PBC Danny Kaleikini - Hawaii Videography

Hawaii Video Production - PBC Danny Kaleikini - Hawaii Videography

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu Films Video Production offers a wide variety of videography services: music videos, documentaries, lifestyle videography, video marketing, real estate videos and more. Our videography combines fresh look, unique ideas, beautiful cinematography, professional approach and years of experience of working with diverse clients from around the world.         At Oahu Films - Hawaii Creative Videography we understand the importance of working together to bring you the best possible results. From the idea, planning, filming, editing, grading motion graphics to final delivery - our videography team will always provide a friendly and professional environment for you and your video needs. We are evolving with each new video trend that hits the market. Constantly learning to make sure our work makes your audience will watch, lean forward and respond to your message. We do whatever it takes to share your story. That means doing so much more than just filming and editing. Our job doesn’t end with delivering killer video and photo advertising assets. We optimize each edit, each photo, so they work as hard as they can. We create commercial, corporate, marketing, social, animations, explainer, educational, internal, customer testimonial, tutorial and mobile videos for companies, businesses, agencies, brands, organizations, firms, nonprofits, and startups across all industries. Our videos are made for social (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat), websites, mobile, TV, desktops/laptops and live events. As a full-service video production company, we make videos from start to finish; from creative idea conception to final video delivery. Our entertaining, informative, beautiful marketing videos help you attract, impress and engage your customers, clients, investors, employees and donors. Our videos will get you message out there because video marketing works. Video accounts for 80% of all internet traffic. As a Hawaii video production agency our main goal is to get your core messages in front of your target audience in attention grabbing, effective videos that will impress and attract clients and customers.